CBI HUMP Pilots Association

The CBI HUMP Pilots Association is the older of the two hump pilot  organizations, and is open to a wider group of personnel classifications, including support personnel.WebMania! In their publication, China Airlift - The HUMP, it states "Membership in the China-Burma-India Hump Pilots Association is open to former pilots or bonafide air crew members, whether civilian or military and without regard to nationality or branch of service, who engaged in at least one Allied airlift operation between India, Burma, and China, across the Himalaya Mountains during World War II. Associate Membership may be approved for support personnel other than pilots and crew members who crossed the HUMP at least one time and who were involved in the aforesaid airlift operation or in companion tactical or strategic military air operations in the theater during World War II". Those interested in the CBI-HPA can get information from Hump Pilot Association Headquarters, 720 S. Tyler St., Amarillo, Texas 79109.  Phone 806 331-1160.  You can view their web site at http://cbihpa.org .


Footnote:  According to the bylaws of the CBI Hump Pilots Association, the reunion held in September of 2005, the 60th, was the last.  At that time, the organization passed out of existence.  Please keep this in mind if you visit the web site listed above or call the phone number listed.